The studio itself, is composed of a main room for all kind of pics ( from portrait, fashion to big setups ), a second small studio for packshots or 360 shooting, but also a garden, a swimming pool, and an outside bar with BBQ, to receive in a nice way our friends and clients, or to organise lunches during photo sessions.

About technic, let speak about what we can do for you:

Never forget that we started way before digital was born, and we have all the know how of traditional photography.

Magic World services:

- Indoor or outdoor shootings
- Creation of Web Galeries to be able to view and select your images
- FTP server (home maintained), for retrieval of your images in high definition.
- 4 computers ( Mac ..., of course) for post-production
- Retouching (endless possibilties )
- Color corrections ( Postcript printer for color controls)
- Lay out  
- Outlining .... one of our specialty
( twice a year, we have to do 1500 outlines for one of our clients )


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