You are amator photographer, and you would like to learn to use your digital camera in a more professional way.
You need for your work to learn Studio Photography, od Digital retouching.
You want to know more about digital "sleng": Mo, CMYK, RAW files ...

You are just passionate ...

Ask us, we certainly have a dedicated training for your needs.

After 35 years as a professional photographer, Thier Ravassod,
who has been the first photographer in Europe to believe in Digital Photography
(way back in October 1991), will try to pass on to you his know how and experience,
in taking professional pictures as well as in photo retouching.

As soon as 1993, he was training numerous photographers to be able to go through
that Digital revolution, mostly through the GNPP (Professional French Association of Photographers),
who asked him to crosscountry France to spread the good words...

ILFORD sent him twice to Photokina, where on the "LEAF" booth, he was
explaining to the Pros how he managed the change in technology.

Do not hesitate to ask for more details, or for a dedicated training.

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